Welcome to Prague!

Located in the heart of Europe, the city of Prague is an open-air museum on its own you will love strolling through. The city is a kaleidoscope of architectural styles and its incredible historical center, which is part of the Unesco World Heritage collection, will feel like a travel to the past centuries. The capital of the Czech Republic also has numerous green havens that will make you forget you are even in a city.

Transportation Prague benefits from an incredible network of undergrounds and trams running frequently and through the night. A useful way to get around the city is to download the official transportation app where you can plan trips and buy tickets PID Litacka. Tickets within Prague are constrained by time (check here for fares). You can also buy tickets at metro stations and on some of the trams (only with contactless cards for tram).

Tourist Information Check the official Prague Tourism website for further information.

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Although you will never run out of options, here is a short list of sites you might enjoy during your stay in Prague.

Old Town Square

The most iconic site of Prague showcases the famous astronomical clock and is a labyrinth of pedestrian streets through the historical center of the city.

Protip: Aim there at a sharp hour to enjoy the clock's chiming and try the popular Trdelník Hungarian sweets.

Naplavka and the Dancing House

One of the summer spotlights, the Naplavka riverside hosts several restaurants and bar boats where you can grab a drink and typical Czech and international snacks like klobasas, langosh, pizzas, and burgers.

Prague Castle

Image by Ralf Gervink from Pixabay

Perched at the top of the city, the Prague castle is home to St. Vitus Cathedral, which hosted kings' and queens' coronations. Don't miss the scenic viewpoints and the castle gardens.
Protip: It is only 15 min away from the venue!

Charles Bridge

Image by František Zelinka from Pixabay

Of the many bridges that cross the Vltava river, Charles Bridge is one of the most famous ones. It links the old town square to Prague Castle and is a sight for the eyes, especially at night.

Wenceslas Square and the National Museum

Image by Lukáš Jančička from Pixabay

The National Museum hosts exhibitions on European and Czech history and is located at the top of the lively Wecensclas Square.

Museum for Illusion and Trick Art

Challenge your computer vision infused brains at Museum for Illusion and Trick Art.


Longing for a nature break? Fear no more. Prague is filled with so many parks and gardens that you will never be far from one. Here is a selection of the most popular ones:

  • Riegrovy Sady: A stunning view and its beer garden make this park one of the most popular in Prague.
  • Petřín: You will be rewarded with a rose garden and the Petřín lookout tower after a nice walk.
  • Stromovka: Only 15 min from the venue, Stromovka makes for a nice nature break.
  • Letna: Slightly further away (25min), Letna is perched on top of the city and provides a stunning view over the Vltava river.
  • Divoká Šárka: Only 20 min away from the venue, this park makes for nice short trails and has outdoor swimming pools.
  • Vitkov: Walk along trails overviewing the city and check the equestrian statue of Jan Žižka at the top of the garden.


Prague has an option for all tastes and diets! You will never run out of options, but here is a short list of Prague foods you may want to try: Smažený Sýr (fried cheese), Nakládaný hermelín (pickled cheese), Hermelin na Grilu (grilled cheese), klobasas (sausages), utopenec (pickled sausages), savory and sweet knedlíky (potato dumplings), bramborak (potato pancake), koláči and Buchty (various cakes and brioches). If you are still in Prague on Saturday, don't miss the Naplavka Market.

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